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When you control your body you’will control life

Welcome to Cross Zone

Professional Coaches

At Cross Zone, we teach functional movements with emphasis on technique, progression, and efficiency.
Since our opening day back in 2013, our Gym classes have provided an inspiring welcoming for everybody! That makes every attendee feel like they are a part of one big and passionate community! With that in mind, you can always reach our fitness instructors for any kind of assistance. Their ultimate goal is to make you as fit and strong as only possible.

Muscle Building

12-Week Bulking Trainer Expert Brandon Poe

Making the decision to join a gym is a great first step towards improving your health and quality of life. For over 10 years, Cross Zone has been dedicated to giving people a great fitness experience while helping people of all fitness levels reach their goals.

crossfit training


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12-Week Bulking Trainer Expert Brandon Poe

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What We Offer

CrossFit workouts are comprised of constantly varied functional movements.

Forearm strength may be one of the most overlooked necessities in holding a handstand.

Making the decision to join a gym is a great first step towards improving your health

Powerlifting is an individualized strength sport

Basically circuit training is done by performing one exercise after another
Body Shaping

This full body workout with Pilates exercises is an intermediate routine

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Our support Hotline is available 24
Hours a day: +1 800 889 9898
Monday-Friday: 8am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm
Sunday: Closed

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9870 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, DC 45 Fr 45.

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